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Carter Associates, Inc. located at 1708 21st Street Vero Beach, FL 32960 provides civil engineering services to educational, municipal and governmental institutions and agencies. The highly experianced engineers of CAI produce quality civil engineering project deliverables to a multitude of areas including sensitive wetland areas.

Carter Associates, Inc. Engineering, Vero Beach Florida 32960, provides cost-effective civil engineering, planning and design. CAI provides civil engineering services for educational, commercial, industrial, agricultural and residential entities, as well as engineering and water resources services for municipal, county, state, regional and federal agencies.

CAI is the engineer of record for several water control districts and provides civil engineering services for the following sectors.

* Agricultural
* Commercial
* Industrial
* Residential
Due Diligence Studies Provided by Carter Associates, Inc.

* Boundary Survey and Topography
* Phase 1 Audits
* Flora and Fauna Inspection and Reports
* Wetlands Mapping
* Soil Testing

Land Planning Services Provided by Carter Associates, Inc.

* BDCA Comprehensive Planning
* Plan Amendments
* T.C.R.P.C
* Regional, County and Local City Land
* Development Regulations
Land Development Projects Provided by Carter Associates, Inc.

* Site Plans
* Educational Facilities
* Subdivisions
* Plat Over Site Plans
* Planned Developments
* Affidavit of Exemptions
Jurisdictional Permitting Services Provided by
Carter Associates, Inc.

* U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
* Wetlands and Mitigation
* U.S. Fish and Wildlife
* Saint Johns River Water Management District
* South Florida Water Management District
* ERP and CUP
* Florida Department of Environmental Protection
* Water, Sewer, Industrial
* National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System
* F.D.O.T.
* Roadway Connection
* Utility and Stormwater
* Local Permits
* F.E.M.A. Reimbursements
Roadway Design Services Provided by Carter Associates, Inc.

* County Thoroughfares
* Local Roads
* Private Roads
Water & Wastewater Design Services Provided by Carter Associates, Inc.

* Hydraulic Modeling
* Transmission Systems
* Pump Systems
* Treatment Facilities
* Irrigation Systems
Stormwater Design Services Provided
by Carter Associates, Inc.

* Watershed Modeling
* Positive Drainage Collection
* Swale Drainage Collection
* Physical Treatment Process
* Retention
* Retention Treatment Areas
* Attenuation Storage
* Under-drain Systems
Agricultural Design Services Provided by Carter Associates, Inc.

* Large Impoundments and Flow Ways
* Diesel Driven Pump Stations
* Ridge and Furrow Seepage Systems
* Overload Flow Systems
Renovation Project Services Provided by Carter Associates, Inc.

* Site Expansions
* Repaving
* Drainage Improvements
* Wastewater and Stormwater R&R
* Soil Stabilization

Civil Engineering Services

Due Diligence Studies

Land Planning

Land Development Projects

Jurisdictional Permitting

Roadway Design

Water & Wastewater Design

Stormwater Design

Agricultural Design

Renovation Projects

Water resources services provided by the Civil Engineering Department of Carter Associates, Inc. include hydrologic and hydraulic modeling, water quality modeling, integrated surface to groundwater modeling, stormwater master planning, water management design, water use permitting and irrigation.
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